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What is oxy cutting machine?

What is oxy cutting machine?

Update Time:2023/2/11
A flame-cutting machine, or oxy-fuel cutting machine, is generally used to cut non-alloy steels (structural steel). The cutting torch preheats the material to its ignition temperature using propane, acetylene or highly combustible natural gas. Then, a jet of oxygen is then blown to melt the material which is thus cut.
CNC Flame Strips Cutting Machine
The equipmte carbon steel for vertical and straight cutting to improve cutting efficiency.
CNC Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine
Gantry type plasma cutting machine is the main machine in industry workshop.
Double Drive Portable Gantry Type Plasma Cutting Machine
Double Drive CNC Gantry Type Portable Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Portable Table Plasma Cutting Machine Cutter
Portable Cnc Table Plasma Cutter for Thin Sheet Steel Metal Profile
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