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CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting MachineCNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
CategoriesH Beam Production Line
BrandYOMI CNC Cutting&Welding Machinery
H beam size100mm-1000mm 100-600mm
Channel steel size100mm-1000mm 100-600mm
Cutting methodPlasma/Flame
Plasma power sourceHerpertherm XPR300 or optional
Plasma cutting thicknessIt is depended by plasma power source
Oxyfuel cutting thicknessVertical cutting thickness 6-32mm
Effective cutting length12000mm
Cutting precision in length±1.5mm
Cutting speed10~2000mm/min
Moving speed10~6000 mm/min
Update TimeMar 2,2024
Detail Information
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine

YOMI Patented invention, this machine is widely used in steel structure and large frame structure as a special processing equipment for H beam cutting. 

Advanced intelligent cutting control system,it can generate G code directly,3D simulation operation,node expansion, ultra long profile partition; profile cutting optimization.It can be applicable to 3D cutting for all kinds of profile (H-beam, I-beam, angle beam, channel beam and others). 

Machine Feature
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine

Loading Unit

CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine

Feeding In Rollers

CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Clamp

CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine

Cutting Unit

CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine

Feeding Out Rollers

CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine

Output Side Positioning Reference

lSupport TEKLA steel structure deepening software 3D modeling data file cutting. 

lSupport AUTOCAD 3D modeling file programming compilation.

lTrack path automatic optimization processing.

lTEKLA software exports NC files and batch generate G code.

l3D component preview.

lComponent nesting optimization.

lSupport all kinds of overlapping forms and bevel cutting.

lLaser sensor detection to solve position deviation.

lTorch anti-collision function.

lSolve the problem of thickness plate perforation, with dynamic pierce function,protect the cutting nozzle and improve the service life of consumable parts.

lWith high- definition hole cutting function.

lIntelligent marking.

lSupport Hypertherm XPR300 interface 422 communication protocol, automatically switch cutting process parameters.

Technical Parameters
H Beam Size
Channerl steel size
Cutting method
Plasma cutting
Plasma power source
Huayuan 300A or Optional
Effective cutting length
Length cutting accuracy
Cutting shape
According to drawings confirmed by both parties(It will be provided when technical agreement signed)
Cutting speed
Moving speed
10~9000 mm/min
Maximum profile weight
Profile cutting form
Fixed length straight cut, fixed length oblique cut and end socket function
Cutting accuracy execution standard
ISO9013-2002\ISO8206-1991\ JB/T10045.4-1999JB
Software Operation Flow
TEKLA DSTV NC1 file generate.Through software BCS&BMS V1.09P Automatic& batch generate PIP cutting code file.
Pass the single piece cutting code file through the PIPNEST nesting software, automatically optimize the combination to generate the nesting program and material table statistics.
Visually view the cutting trajectory, check the cutting length and component weight with the 3D graphics preview software PIPVIEWER1.03
Gallery programming directly enters profile specifications via dialog window, calls process category conversion cutting code
After the code is completed, transfer the cut file to the device, job preparation
Machine Operation Flow
Machine start inspection, including plasma power and gas pressure 
Profile preparation, feeding to the input roller side to the positioning datum
Cutting program called, Clamp automatic height positioning, Automatic transfer to cutting station
Start cutting(laser detection, collision pause), slag discharge,finished cuttings output
Finished cuttings to output storage area
YOMI Control System Interface
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
It supports Chinese and English operation interface
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
TEKLA software interface, batch output cutting code through Tekla2Solid Beam software
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
Automatically generate *.SOLID cutting code, the cutting file name is automatically generated according to TEKLA 
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
 Complete automatic nesting of raw materials through SolidNest nesting software, and generate nesting code and material statistics table information, Visually display information such as track line, cutting line, profile inner and outer wall contour, component length and weight, etc.
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
Powder coated products are more resistant to chipping, scratching, UV rays, and corrosive elements.
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
Cutting Sample
Make your products more durable and colourful by powder coating furniture
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
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